Wedding photography or wedding videography?

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Sometimes couples find themselves faced with a difficult choice; whether to have a wedding photographer, or a wedding videographer. Well the ideal answer would be to have both. A good photographer and videographer can work well alongside each other. Sure, you can take stills from your wedding video but they will never be as good as a photograph that was taken specifically to be a still, destined for your final wedding album. Likewise you could probably ask your wedding photographer to capture some video, but then they will miss the key shots they are used to taking, not to mention the fact that video just isn’t what they have been trained to do so will never really do it as well as a videographer.

We work well with anyone!

Over the years we have worked with several videographers and for the most part they have been very professional and cooperative on the day. We recently worked with White Wedding Videos and they made every effort to ensure that they weren’t setup where they might obstruct our key shots whilst still being able to capture great angles with their video camera too.

Both or just the one?

In conclusion, you need to choose which is more important to you; are you hoping to have a video of your big day or an album of photographs? If your budget allows you to have both then we highly recommend you do that by choosing 2 professionals that will complement each others work and get the very best of both worlds.

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